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Youtube Kids offers a wide range of vide

Description of YouTube Kids app

Youtube Kids offers a wide range of videos specifically made for children.
1.A video application designed specifically for children.
YouTube Kids was developed to offer children a safer and more supervised online environment, featuring a variety of family-friendly videos covering different topics that can fuel kids’ creativity and imagination. Parents and caregivers can assist in guiding their children’s journey as they explore new and exciting interests along the way.
2.A safer online experience for children.
We make every effort to ensure that videos on YouTube Kids are appropriate for families and utilize a combination of automated filters developed by our engineering teams, human review, and feedback from parents to safeguard our youngest users online. However, no system is flawless and inappropriate videos may slip through, so we are continually working to enhance our safety measures and offer more features that allow parents to create the ideal online experience for their families.
3.Tailor your child’s experience using parental controls.
Enforce a screen time limit by setting a maximum duration for your child’s video viewing and encourage them to engage in other activities.
Stay up-to-date on your child’s video viewing habits by monitoring the “Watch It Again” page, keeping track of the content they’ve watched and the latest topics they’re interested in.
4.Dislike a video or channel? Easily block it to prevent future views.
To report unsuitable content, simply flag a video for review, and our team will investigate 24/7.
5.Design personalized experiences as unique as your children.
Create up to eight individual profiles for each child, customized with their preferred viewing options, recommended videos, and settings. Select either an age category (Preschool, Younger, or Older) or utilize the “Approved Content Only” mode that fits your child’s preferences.
Opt for the “Approved Content Only” mode to personally select and approve specific videos, channels, and collections that your child can watch. In this mode, kids are restricted from searching for videos on their own. The “Preschool” mode supports children 4 and under in discovering videos that foster creativity, playfulness, exploration, and learning. The “Younger” mode enables kids ages 5-8 to explore their interests in a diverse range of topics such as songs, cartoons, and crafts, among others. Meanwhile, the “Older” mode offers kids ages 9 and up the opportunity to browse and unearth additional content, like popular music and gaming videos for kids.
6.A variety of videos for kids of all types.
Our vast collection encompasses family-friendly videos on a wide range of topics that can awaken your kids’ creativity and playfulness. Here, your children will find everything they adore – from their favorite programs and music to step-by-step tutorials on constructing a model volcano (or making slime 😉 and much more in between.


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YouTube Kids app

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