Truecaller Apk Download

Truecaller Apk Download

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Truecaller is a phone app designed to he

Description of Truecaller Apk Download

Truecaller is a phone app designed to help protect you from unwanted calls and potential scams. With its powerful Caller ID technology, Truecaller can identify the name and location of the person calling you, even if their number isn’t saved in your contacts.

Truecaller’s Advanced Spam Detector can also warn you about potential spam calls, telemarketers, and other unwanted or unknown numbers. These spam numbers are updated in real-time by millions of users worldwide, making it easier to avoid calls you don’t want to take.

Beyond its Caller ID and spam detection features, Truecaller also offers messaging features that can help you organize your texts and block unwanted messages. You can use Truecaller as your main text messaging app, and it will automatically identify and block spam, scams or telemarketing SMS.

What really sets Truecaller apart is its AI-powered Assistant, which can answer your calls and ask questions of the caller to identify whether the call is spam or not. With up to 90% accuracy, the Assistant can help you avoid unwanted calls and feel more confident about answering the phone.

Finally, Truecaller Premium offers additional features like advanced blocking and filtering options, Ghost Call to create custom calls from fake numbers, and Incognito mode to view profiles privately. With over 300 million users worldwide, Truecaller is a trusted way to stay safe and connected.

the permissions needed for Truecaller to work properly:

Contacts: Truecaller needs access to your contacts in order to identify incoming calls and messages. It will also use this information to add new contacts and update existing ones.

Phone: Truecaller requires access to your phone in order to block and identify incoming calls. It also needs to know if you’re currently making or receiving a call to show the Caller ID.

SMS: In order to identify spam messages and block them, Truecaller needs access to your SMS inbox.

Location: Truecaller will request access to your location in order to provide location-based features, such as nearby businesses and emergency contacts.

Camera and Microphone: These permissions are required for video calling features in Truecaller.

Storage: Truecaller needs to access your phone’s storage to save data like call logs, messages, and contact information.


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Truecaller Apk Download

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