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Tap to jump, keep shooting into Tappy Ho

Description of Tappy Hoops 2018

Tap to jump, keep shooting into Tappy Hoops 2018 before the time runs out!
Dunk hit hoop shoot is best among the basketball games on store. All basketball stars favorite game with a lot of fun.
In Tappy Hoops 2018 Hoops game Tap and drag anywhere on screen to shoot a basketball in the basket and dunk with the precision within time limits.
Combo goals will top up scores. Throw the balls while time countdowns and get extra time after each successful dunk hit. It’s a
addictive sports game with a tappy game play. Best bball Game with immersive experience in dunking basketball within time limit.
This tappy game is addictive and best dunk hit practice game in world basketball. Basketball game with immersive experience.
Maximum shoot hoops maximum score keeps you on top in leader board so shootout as much as you can in this challenging basketball dunking basketball game.
if you love basketball sports games then download now ultimate fun and addictive dunk hit game. Basketball game ends when time is out.
Objective is to get as much score as possible in this tappy sport game and enjoy the dunking as basketball stars and put your name on top of the list on
leader board.
Challenge this bouncy, hot, exciting basketball game and try to be the MVP!
Can you tap your way to the throne of the court?

– Simple one touch control
– No internet connection needed
– More balls coming soon
– Score trick shots and combo for massive points
– Collect coins to unlock awesome new balls
– Free to play

The best player will see their balls ignite with skill.


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Tappy Hoops 2018

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