Royal Match apk

Royal Match apk

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Royal Match is a match-3 puzzle game tha

Description of Royal Match apk

Royal Match is a match-3 puzzle game that challenges you to clear all the rows and columns on the screen by matching elements. As you try to unlock items to decorate the palace, you’ll need to demonstrate your visual agility, all while being closely monitored by the king of the court.

You can expect the standard match-3 gameplay in Royal Match where you’ll need to slide each object towards another of the same type. Many levels feature additional elements, like rockets, that let you destroy multiple pieces simultaneously. As you complete challenges, you’ll also earn bonuses that can aid you in various situations.

After you begin solving levels, you’ll move on to the palace where you’ll be given the opportunity to decorate all of the rooms. This will allow you to add brightness and enhance the court, so visitors can have the best experience possible. Moreover, you can keep track of how many coins you have at all times, so you know how much you can spend on unlocking new resources.

Get ready to explore thousands of exhilarating match-3 levels designed to test your skills in the Royal Arena! During this enjoyable journey, you’ll solve exciting puzzles, unlock new areas using coins, and enhance King Robert’s castle with stunning decor. Plus, use extra boosters to keep advancing in the game. Join millions of players in competitive events such as King’s Cup, Sky Race, Team Battle, and Lightning Rush, and earn exciting rewards for your outstanding achievements. The fun and challenges never end, making sure that you’ll never have a dull moment while playing Royal Match!


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Royal Match apk

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