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Unveil the life how does Ninja Panda lea

Description of Ninja Panda

Unveil the life how does Ninja Panda learn Kungfu. Fantastic oriental factors…

This is a world of heroes. A simple and honest fat panda named Pooky dreams to be the Kung Fu , he is learning Kong Fu from Grand Master Panda, experiencing hard and tough training…

>>Combat——drag your finger on the screen to fight opponents

Classic mode——stay alive, avoid harm from opponents, try to get higher scores.

>>Time Attack Mode——acter would not die in this mode, but you will lose score when your health bar is lower than 0. Try to get higher scores in limited time.

>>Skills——during game, there will be some properties help players, for example slow down opponents speed, restore acters health.


>>Smooth game play——just need to slightly drag your finger on the screen would enjoy the outstanding fighting experience.

>>Various opponents and combat styles——you need to use different combat skills to defeat different opponents, like lateral slash, vertical slash, tap…test players’ reaction speed, and increase game fun.

>>Brilliant graphics——beautiful eastern culture based graphics, veils the mysterious Kung Fu and Ninja life.

>>Achievements——there are many achievements and titles for the advanced players. It’s the kind of easy to learn, hard to game.

This game is easy to learn but hard to . In time limit mode, each bun will give you 5 seconds bonus, and bomber panda attack will kill you 5 seconds, hit the sister panda will lose 20 seconds. You may only get 3,4000 scores first trying, but after several times try you may find your own unique strategy. The recent highest score is 48000+.

(Tips: avoid armor panda, if you are too busy…some other tactics need yourself to explore.)

Needs an android device with minimum 600Mhz CPU speed.


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Ninja Panda

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