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Stay informed on breaking news and current events with daily alerts sent straight to your mobile device because even the smallest news reader can make a significant impact on communities. Keep abreast of updates that are relevant to you and your community, including trending headlines on local and international news, weather alerts, and much more.

Empower yourself with the knowledge that even the smallest news can make a big difference. Experience NewsBreak, the top app for current events, real-time updates, and local weather alerts to keep you informed about everything happening in your community. Download the app today and stay up-to-date with all of your local news.

Local news offers a distinctive perspective on events that diverges from national US news, trending headlines, or global news. NewsBreak values the unique ability of local news to unite neighborhoods and share the stories they have in common. Only small, local news can provide the necessary insight to meaningfully inform the decisions we make throughout the day.

Are there any weather alerts or winter storm updates impacting your location? What about traffic updates? Plus, what key events are taking place nearby? Stay informed by accessing your neighborhood’s crime map and keeping an eye out for local weather alerts. Join the growing community of NewsBreak’s local news listeners and discover why we’ve become the nation’s top local news app with over 45 million people across the United States.

Discover local breaking news, sports updates, and trending national and international news all in one place with NewsBreak. Stay informed with access to everything from the latest sports scores to breaking national news headlines, and enjoy live-streamed news delivered straight to your phone. Join your local community to participate in interesting conversations related to the latest news in your area.


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