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Daily Bible Devotion offers a daily dose of devotion, including daily readings, daily verses, Bible quizzes, and a free Christian Bible reading plan. God’s word is preserved in the Bible, and through this app, it is easily accessible for all.Our Bible app is a fast, lightweight, and offline tool perfect for your daily study. To customize your experience, the app allows you to quickly locate Bible verses with simple clicks and create your own highlights, bookmarks, scripture images, and notes. Explore the Bible with your closest friends, grow together, and share what you discover from God’s word.

Access the faithful version of the physical Bible anytime, anywhere with our Holy Bible King James app for Android, available in both text and audio format. This app provides an offline experience, allowing you to have the Holy Bible at your fingertips even when you don’t have an internet connection. You can receive a verse every day to meditate on the Word of God.

Enjoy reading the Holy Bible on your Android device without an internet connection with our Holy Bible app. Simply download and install the app to begin reading the Bible offline. This free app is a great alternative to other Bible gateway or YouVersion Bible apps, and includes daily devotionals and Bible verses to help build a daily devotion. The King James Version is preloaded, meaning this app can be used offline without internet access. Read the Old and New Testament at your convenience and enjoy the benefits of an offline Bible. Enhance your Bible study and Christian life with all the features this app has to offer.

Experience a daily blessing from our Christian articles. Each day, a new article is delivered in our “Article of the Day” section. If you have notifications enabled for the app, you will receive a daily word of God directly to your mobile device through both the notification center and the app itself. Enjoy in-depth explanations of Bible quotes through these articles.


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Holy Bible app

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