Brotato Premium Apk Download

Brotato Premium Apk Download

1.2.43 for Android
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This is a game where you play as a potat

Description of Brotato Premium Apk Download

This is a game where you play as a potato fighting off aliens in an arena-style shooter. It’s also a roguelite, meaning that each run is unique and challenging. You can wield up to 6 weapons at a time and choose from a variety of traits and items to create your own personalized build. Your goal is to survive until you receive help.

Meet Brotato, the only surviving potato who can wield up to 6 weapons simultaneously in this hostile arena. With his fellow potatoes coming to rescue him, Brotato must fight against hordes of aliens and use various traits and items to stay alive until help arrives.


1.This game features auto-firing weapons that shoot by default, but also allows for manual aiming. It’s designed for fast runs that can be completed in under 30 minutes.

2.There are numerous characters available to choose from to customize your runs, such as one-handed, crazy, lucky, mage, and many more.

3.You can select from hundreds of items and weapons to use in the game, including flamethrowers, SMGs, rocket launchers, as well as more basic options like sticks and stones.

4.In this game, you must survive waves of aliens that last between 20 to 90 seconds each. Your main objective is to defeat as many aliens as possible during each wave.

5.As you progress through the game, you can collect materials that give you experience points and allow you to purchase items from the shop in between waves of enemies.

6.This game has accessibility options that allow you to adjust the health, damage, and speed of enemies to ensure that the difficulty level is appropriate for your skill level.

Please note that cloud storage is only accessible while online. You can still play the game offline, but your progress and data will not be saved to the cloud.


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Brotato Premium Apk Download

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