Attack Hole apk

Attack Hole apk

1.0.20 for Android
4.0 | 18+ Installs

Select your preferred black hole skin an

Description of Attack Hole apk

Select your preferred black hole skin and become a hoard master in a hall filled with weapon and bullet stacks, clearing them like in those eating games! Swallowing the entire weapon stack will provide more power to fight and destroy giant enemy obstacles, making you a black hole hero attacker in this arcade-style io game.

To make your mission easier, special powers are available to accelerate the black hole or increase the time limit. This provides the edge you need to successfully collect weapons and accumulate the necessary power to exterminate your enemy. Overall, this game keeps the player on their toes as they diligently maneuver the black hole. The game is designed with vibrant colors, crisp graphics, and realistic sound effects that draw players deep into the game and provide a truly life-like experience. Download Attack Hole MOD APK for Android and showcase your skills against the adversary.

This game is developed by Homa, the same developer behind other popular titles such as Zombie Defense War Z Survival, City Defense Crowd Control, Merge Master Dinosaur Monster, Zombie Raft, and Farm Land. It features simple game mechanics and easy-to-master controls. Additionally, the game has an ASMR effect that creates a calming and peaceful gameplay experience. Its colorful graphics and hypnotic sound effects make it perfect for relaxation and unwinding. Even better, the game’s controls are designed for smooth and responsive gameplay. No special skills are required to play – as long as you keep your eye on the black hole and control its movements, you’re good to go.

The premise of this game is simple – guide a black hole across the screen, collecting weapons and other items. While there will be plenty of arms available, the timer is constantly ticking, making it crucial to act quickly in gathering them. The main objective is to collect enough weapons before the timer runs out. Once the time is up, the black hole will retreat with all the collected items, allowing you to use them against your enemies.


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Attack Hole apk

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